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What is Cosmos Agency?

  • A company with a variety of projects in space technology, stratosphere flights and suborbital flights.
  • Portal: A #1 popular science media about space tourism, astronautics, and the history of space exploration.

Our goal

Our goal is to promote space tourism as a promising industry; increase general awareness about cutting-edge scientific discoveries and technological innovations in space industry.

Space business

Space is one of the most promising industries for business.
At Cosmos Agency, we develop technologies and cooperate with national and private aerospace agencies. Among the upcoming areas of development in the world the most important are:

  • The fastest transport. Hypersonic flights from one hemisphere to another (New York to Shanghai, ±39 minutes).
  • Private tourist flights up to 100 km (62 mi) — suborbital space tourism.
  • Space flight to the ISS and orbital hotels
  • Launching nano-satellites to provide worldwide internet coverage, with commercial and scientific goals.
  • Mining on asteroids and other space bodies (Helium-3 on the Moon, rare metals in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter).
  • Stratosphere flights — tourist, private and scientific, up to 36 km (22 mi).
  • Technologies and solutions to implement all of the above.

Our projects

  • Private stratospheric launches using a small spacecraft Brand2Space.
  • Interactive infographics about space tourism companies — Space Tourism Guide
  • The project to launch microsatellites to Earth’s orbit, and subsequently to the Moon, in which anyone can take part in.
  • The directory of space companies and reviews of space tourism offers, hypersonic rocket flights, and private space flights.
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Our articles

The history of space exploration is being written right now. Starting with the first manned space flight and Moon landing, to the future colonisation of Mars, Jupiter’s and Saturn’s satellites, galaxy exploration and beyond that, to the deep space billions of light years ahead, to the edges of observable universe — this is what we tell about on our website. We care about the quality of our publications, updating the information regularly. Modern format of publications compares favourably with the other free sources.

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The idea to create a project on space tourism appeared almost a decade ago — in 2009. Five years after the idea grew into a full online portal. Starting from 2017, Cosmos Agency is a technology company based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Join us!

If your dream is to pursue space technology and to fly to space sometime, join us then. We are happy to welcome new team members. It’s easy to start — email us! Follow us on social media, too (Facebook, Instagram, VK).


Cosmos Agency is a source for a reliable current information about space tourism. We partner with a number of companies, including: Coca-Cola Russia, CosmoCourse, Zero2Infinity, SSAU, ZOND.

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